The best celebration of Valentine's Day is a celebration of what a terrible holiday it actually is. Jonesy, protagonist of the eponymous miniseries by Sam Humphries and Caitlin Rose Boyle, would absolutely agree. An angsty teen cupid with a pet ferret and a donut-artisan dad, Jonesy has the power to make people fall in love, but can't make anyone fall in love with her. So Valentine's Day is bound to be rough, as we see in Jonesy #1, available tomorrow, February 10, from Boom Box.

Caitlin Rose Boyle's art is wonderful. It's the sort of fun, fresh look we're used to from Boom, all rounded shapes and big eyes. There's a little bit of Dan Hipp influence, and a little bit of Bryan Lee O'Malley, but Boyle is definitely doing her own thing.

My favorite part is Jonesy's hair, which is a billowing cloud of dense green-tipped blackness that surrounds her and perfect matches her attitude. In fact, Jonesy's whole design is great, from her thick eyebrows to her spiky backpack, to her "NO" shirt and black high-top heart sneakers.

Sam Humphries is also clearly having a lot of fun writing this. Most of his previous work has been with superheroes, but he's often brought a playful attitude to the genre, as seen in Legendary Star-Lord. Everyone, I've always suspected, has at least one good high school story in them, whether it's something that actually happened or something a little more out there (like a teenage cupid).

And just about anyone who's ever been a teenager should be able to relate to Jonesy and her insistence that she doesn't care, even as it becomes increasingly clear that she does.