Odds are that you've heard some pretty good things about a whole host of recent comics from Boom Studios, but for whatever reason you might not have got around to checking them out just yet. Well the publisher just made it a whole lot easier to sample the best of its wares with a line-wide sale on Comixology offering 50% off all Boom titles until Monday.

It might seem like an obvious pick considering the mass amount of critical acclaim the series has received over the past year --- including an Eisner nomination for Best Continuing Series --- but if you still haven't checked out John AllisonLissa Treiman and Max Sarin's Giant Days, then you're massively missing out.

While it tells the very specific story of small-town English university life, Giant Days has proven to be relatable to readers all around the world, and its three lead ladies are some of the most fun, dynamic and entertaining characters in comics right now. Whether it's getting revenge on an ex, getting over a cold, or getting a girl much cooler than you, the experiences presented in Giant Days are universal while intimately personal.




Elsewhere in the sale, you can grab other critically acclaimed series such as Lumberjanes, Jonesy and Power UpIt would also be a good idea to use the sale to catch up on more recent hit series such as The Backstagers or Goldie Vance, or some of the publisher's ace licensed comics, including Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Big Trouble in Little China or Steven Universe.

The sale runs through the weekend until Monday 10th October at 11:59 EST. Make sure to use the coupon code BOOM to get the discount.


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