The polls are closed and it's official, the United Kingdom has decided --- by a narrow margin --- that it wants to leave the European Union. I mean, who could blame them? Aside from the worker's rights, trade agreements and the opportunity to travel between member states, what does the EU even do? I mean, aside from the funding provided to the areas of the UK that London often neglects, environmental legislation and education and research funding.

So you've voted Leave, and you want to treat yourself to a nice comic to spend the weekend with. We've picked out five of our favorite independent comics to peruse while you wait for Article 50 to be enacted.

  • V For Vendetta

    Alan Moore & David Lloyd

    You may have seen the hit Hollywood film, but did you know that V For Vendetta was also a comic book released in the 1980s? It tells the story of a corrupt, totalitarian British government ruled by a fascist regime and the freedom fighter who rises up to bring them down.

    Inspired by the historical tale of Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot, V For Vendetta is about a country at breaking point and the power that comes with standing up for what you believe in.

  • Judge Dredd: People Like Us

    Ian Edginton & Dave Taylor

    Everyone loves a good Judge Dredd story, and this is one from a recent issue of Judge Dredd Megazine that stands out. In the wake of the Day of Chaos, Mega City One's economy is in ruins, and alien businesses have been invited in to help stimulate trade all around.

    However, politician Bilious Barrage isn't too happy with that, and when a series of attacks are blamed on the alien immigrants, he plays people's fears to scapegoat immigrants and boost his own profile, as Dredd investigates the wave of paranoia that engulfs the city.

  • Citizen Jack

    Sam Humphries, Tommy Patterson, Jon Alderink & Rachel Deering

    Citizen Jack is a classic rise to power story following a small town ex-mayor's rise to the highest office in the land, assisted by malevolent and demonic forces guiding him every step of the way.

    A modern and cutting take on the election process from every angle, Citizen Jack is at times a lot more true to life than it perhaps intends to be, because no matter how good your satire is, real people will always trump it.

  • Transmetropolitan

    Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson

    Set in an indistinct time period sometime in the near future, crusading journalist Spider Jerusalem comes out of retirement to fulfill his contractual obligations and gets caught up in the most intense and oddball election process his city has ever seen.

    Armed with a laptop and a gun that makes people poop their pants, Spider and his assistants navigate the minefield that is investigative journalism as America trades in an obvious monster for a secret one as President.

  • Supercrash : How to Hijack the Global Economy

    Darryl Cunningham

    Supercrash is a look at the history of modern finance and how the world became the way it is. From Ayn Rand and the rise of objectivism through to the Greed is Good 1980s and the market crash of 2008, Cunningham looks at the rise of the the New Right and how selfishness can cause catastrophic consequences for the entire world.


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