Alright, everyone, get out your pencils and paper because this is going to get complicated.

With an eye towards making the always harrowing Comic-Con International registration process simpler, organizers have introduced a scheme whereby those who wish to attend the great San Diego show must pre-register and create a distinct "Member ID." To negotiate the system will leave you with a tremendous sense of accomplishment, as though you'd just solved a labyrinth of mythical proportions. Of course, obtaining your Member ID will not guarantee you entrence to the convention. No, this designation will come into play later, when the website is open for proper registration and ticketing, which we fully expect to be the traumatic, server-crashing ordeal it is every year. But the point is, you can't even participate in that bandwidth Thunderdome without the Member ID.

To further illustrate the arduous proces, Comic-Con created a helpful video walkthrough that you can watch below.