The Flash proved a speedy breakout from its CW and Arrow origins, but will Season 2 keep the same pace? We’re on hand with the cast and crew from Comic-Con 2015, bringing out all the Flash Season 2 secrets from the Warner Bros. Superhero Saturday panel, including new villains, castings and more!

  • Not only did a brief teaser of a bluish, silvery streak speeding through Central City confirm that Jay Garrick will play a part in Season 2, we even heard his voice saying “My name is Jay Garrick, and your world is in danger.” Producers confirmed that Masters of Sex star Teddy Sears will take the role, and team with Barry against the threat of Zoom, who’s faster than all of them.
  • Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg wanted to introduce Jay Garrick, given that he’d never been done in live-action before. Coincidentally, episode 1.23 matches Issue 123, in which both Flashes first met.
  • We’re going to pick up a few months after the finale, dealing with the fallout of the cataclysm over Central City. That said, no word on exactly what happened to Barry inside of the black hole. Barry will have to come to terms with what it means to be the savior of the city.
  • Iris will put to use her knowledge of the streets and skills as a reporter, doing a lot more work in STAR labs alongside Caitlin and Cisco. She’ll still be mourning the death of Eddie, of course.
  • John Wesley Shipp previews that Henry will eventually get out of prison, though he and Barry will have to deal with the moral repercussions of having tried to break him out. Tom Cavanagh kept similarly tight-lipped about his role in the new season, though he admires the duality writers brought to the character of Harrison wells.
  • Danielle Panabaker wants to see Killer Frost in Season 2, though couldn’t confirm anything. She did extoll how much work went into the wig, costume and look, so they’d be crazy not to use it this year again, right?
  • Grodd will return, and we’ll have an episode spotlighting Captain Cold and Golden Glider to get into the Snart family dynamic. Mostly however, producers are excited about Zoom.
  • Will Cisco Ramon become Vibe next season? Geoff Johns says to read up on his run with the comics, for a preview of Vibe’s multiverse-tapping powers.

Elsewhere, we know of The Flash Season 2 that Barry will receive a new love interest, while the series continues teasing DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, beginning with premiere installment “The Man Who Saved Central City.” What other secrets of The Flash Season 2 will emerge before October 6? Keep it here to find out!

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