If you've been enjoying the sublime weather of San Diego at the latest Comic-Con -- or look forward to its balmy climes in the future, don't get too comfortable.

A lot has changed since the first Comic-Con gathered in 1970 with roughly 300 fans in attendance. Attendees now number at over 125,000, and recently it sold out of all its tickets before the event even started for the second year in a row -- and even sooner, this time. With demand for the convention now outpacing the ability of the San Diego convention center to contain it, and the contract with the city set to expire in 2012, it's been reported that Comic-Con organizers have been flirting with other locations -- namely, Los Angeles and Vegas.

Now rumors are swirling that they've gotten even more serious about seeing other cities, and have given San Diego an ultimatum: start building an expansion for the convention center by 2011, or we're out of here -- a difficult demand during difficult economic circumstances.

What do you think? Would you support a move to another city, or are you hoping that that the Con stays put?

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