Here at ComicsAlliance, we've been fans of the Comic Twart blog since day one, and this week, the best online art jam on the web celebrates its official one year anniversary!

As you can see by Evan "Doc" Shaner's anniversary piece above, the site has seen a gang of incredible artists teaming up to pick one character or theme to draw every week, from Zorro to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, with everything from Archie to Batman to Futurama in between.

So today, in celebration of a year of awesome art, I've picked out a handful of my favorites! Check out The Best of Comic Twart after the jump!

And finally, an awesome piece that I hope never comes true:

When I originally went through, I was looking for ten or fifteen really exceptional pieces, and my first round of picks ended up with 56, so as you might imagine, there's way more awesome art to be seen over at the Comic Twart website, and more going up every week. Happy anniversary, fellas, and thanks for the great art!

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