Even though the term "supergroup" has come to carry something an ironic connotation thanks to the various rock bands and sports teams that cracked under the weight of inharmonious egos, once in awhile an assemblage of all-stars really can come together to make magic happen.

That's just what's going down over at Comic Twart, a new blog showcasing the work of comic pros Mitch Breitweiser, Francesco Francavilla, Steve Bryant, Chris Samnee, Andy Kuhn, Dan McDaid, Tom Fowler, Nathan Fairbairn, Evan Shaner, Mike Hawthorne, Dan Panosian, Mitch Gerads, Ron Salas, Declan Shalvey and Ramón Pérez.

Here's the skinny on the blog in Kuhn's words:

"For anyone interested in the world of artbloggery, I'm part of a new art blog called COMIC TWART. each week a bunch of very talented artists, and myself, will pick a character and do a drawing of that character."

Zorro is the character of choice this week, inspiring no less than nine different interpretations thus far. No word on which character will capture the spotlight next, but I personally wouldn't mind another seven days of Zorro-fied posts.

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