The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to hit the shops! If you’re looking for inspiration for gifts for all the important people in your life, ComicsAlliance has put together a series of guides centered on different themes and personalities!

Picture it: your sitting by the fire, flipping through an old issue of Sandman, and your mother audibly sighs. "Why do you still read that junk?" You sit and think for a second. Despite the fact that approximately all of the movies coming out are based on comics, you still can't get your mom to understand why you love these funny books.

Until now. This holiday season, give your mom a gift that'll teach her the love of comics.

From cape comics that she'll be familiar with, to comics that show the meaning of family, to comics that are as powerful as any other books she's enjoyed, to stories that feature characters she already knows and loves, there are plenty of great comics you could buy for the mom in your life. (Heck, it doesn't even have to be your actual mom! We all have mom figures in our lives who don't get our weird love of comics.) These gifts will teach your mom the power, the poetry, and the fun of comics.

The links on this list lead to Amazon, but we suggest that you support local comic shops and book shops where possible. If you’re not sure where the nearest comic store is, type your zip code or postal code into this website and find one close to you.


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