Green Lantern/Green Arrow coverSome of you, I suspect, may have differing opinions about this blog item, posted earlier in the week by Jeaux Janovsky on Pulp Secret, about the five most "controversial moments" in comic book history.

If you've been around the industry for awhile, there's no lack of true controversy. As the comments to this "controversial" post readily attest, however, my blogging brother missed a few of them, sticking for the most part on the superhero-centric side.

Janovsky gets points for reminding us about the legal battle of Mike Diana, the first artist convicted for obscenity in America, and mentions about the Comics Code Authority loosening up after Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Spider-Man both featured prominent supporting characters taking heroin and LSD, respectively.

Unfortunately, The Seduction of the Innocent period of the mid 50s, when the Code was "voluntarily" established, got crowded off the list, in favor of 9-11 comics (not controversial) and Marvel's outing of a gay superhero (very temporarily controversial).

Here's five real comic controversies worth considering for future lists:

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