For as long as they've existed, comic books have been getting a bad rap, but earlier this week, comic book writer and ComicsAlliance contributor Gail Simone set out to shine a spotlight on the good they've done. The result: Twitter's #comicsdidagoodthing tag, in which people shared stories of all the good things that comic books have done for them in their real lives.

The fact that comics can have a positive impact on readers' lives isn't exactly news -- they've kept me employed for the better part of a decade, after all -- but seeing the brief moments from people's lives that have been helped just by the existence of the medium is genuinely touching. So to spread the word, we've put together some of our favorites. Get ready to awwwafter the jump!

What? N-no, don't be ridiculous. I've.. I've just got something in my eye, is all. It's really dusty in here.

To see more, check out the #comicsdidagoodthing tag on Twitter, and if you've got a story of how comics helped you, why not share?

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