A new month brings with it new possibilities, so as we turn the calendar, ComicsAlliance is proud to celebrate 30 days honoring James McCullen, 24th Laird of Castle Destro, master of the wrist-missiles and Stacy's boo as we celebrate Destrovember!DID YOU KNOW...

  • Destro is f**king awesome.
  • Destro's mask is made of polished beryllium steel, and he wears it because it's a family tradition dating back to when when his ancestors were accused of witchcraft and/or arms dealing. This does not stop him from making out with sexy Eastern European terrorists in leather corsets, because Destro is f**king awesome.
  • Though he travels the world as the president of the Military Armament Research Syndicate, Destro's home base is known as the Silent Castle, which is also a gigantic Transformer, and also has a giant hot pink Cthulhu monster in the basement. And that is where Destro lives, because Destro is f***king awesome.

Join us tomorrow for more Destrovember celebrations!

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