While other sites may be content to bring you Rocktober, Shocktober or Mohawktober, ComicsAlliance is committed to commemorating the things that really matter! That's why this month, we're bringing you 31 days of the Legion's stalwart Cosmic Boy as we celebrate Rokktober!DID YOU KNOW...

  • Of the three founding Legionnaires, Rokk Krinn's codename, "Cosmic Boy," falls right in the middle between Lightning Lad's (which tells you exactly what he does) and Saturn Girls (which tells you absolutely nothing). Magnetism is kind of cosmic, right?
  • Before he joined the legion, Rokk was a star player in his native planet's major sport, Magno-Ball. In other words, Cosmic Boy is a jock who sits around telling nerds like Polar Boy and Night Girl that they suck too much to be in his club, so how he became a popular character among the kind of people who love the Legion of Super-Heroes is a true mystery.
  • In the '70s, Mike Grell designed a costume for Cosmic Boy that basically just covered up his crotch and his nipples. The '70s and/or the 30th Century were/will be pretty weird.

Join us tomorrow for more Rokktober celebrations!

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