Rejoice! If you didn't get a chance to go to New York Comic-Con and check out the Ask ComicsAlliance panel, now you can watch it ONLINE. And if you were one of the lucky 400 people that got to come to our panel, now you can see it again!

SPOILER ALERT: We throw Flash Cakes and Glo-Balls at people. Chris explains why RoboCop vs The Terminator might be the best comic ever, Laura threatens to make Chris read all four Twilight novels, and Caleb refuses to take off his sunglasses in spite of the fact that he's indoors. Also, Davids Uzumeri and Brothers finally fight to the death (maybe).

Now you, too, can retroactively attend what Awesomed By Comics called the Panel of the Week, along with some sweet photos of the event by Kevin Church.THE VIDEO:

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The ComicsAlliance swag: posters and bumper stickers by Dylan Todd

Laura shows off the delicious Hostess/DC snacks we gave away

Chris Sims photobombs Laura and Caleb

David Brothers and David Uzumeri

The audience!

Questions from the readers

Caleb wears his sunglasses at night. So he can so he can

Laura leaves the panel

A reader takes a delicious(?) snackcake

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