For the ComicsAlliance staff, HeroesCon was a weekend of highlights, but one of our favorite moments of the show was when Editor-in-Chief Laura Hudson, Assistant Editor Caleb Goellner and Senior Writer Chris Sims got their picture taken with none other than Rob Liefeld:

For the record, Liefeld was as nice in person as you've probably heard, and was totally cool with three people running up to grab a picture when he was picking up a package at the front desk. We imagine he gets that a lot.

Still, as great as it was, a hotel lobby is a little bland for a meeting this historic, so we got to wondering what it would be like if we'd run into The Rob somewhere a little more exotic, and decided that in a perfect world, we'd have just left HeroesCon that night for a whirlwind tour with Rob Liefeld -- Extreme Style! So today, have a look at some of the imaginary vacation photos inspired by our chance meeting!


Buckingham Palace!

Mount Rushmore!


South of the Border!

The Levi's Store!


The Moon!

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