Happy New Year, everybody! The future, a.k.a. the year 2010, has officially arrived, and before we move on to a year of bright, shiny new content, we're rounding up some of our top articles from the last year. For example, our favorite interviews of 2009 with the creators and discussion makers of comics, including talks with Randall Munroe about the first "xkcd" book, Paul Tobin about the right way to write, and Greg Rucka about his fascination with the private eye. Enjoy!

Dan DiDio on the new "Batman and Robin"

Greg Rucka on "Stumptown"

Paul Tobin on "Models Inc." and women in comics

Diane Nelson on becoming President of DC Entertainment

Jeffrey Rowland on Topatoco and "Overcompensating"

Randall Munroe on "xkcd: Volume 0"

Scott Snyder on "American Vampire"

Steven Sanders on his Marvel debut with "S.W.O.R.D."

Chris Hastings on "Dr. McNinja" and his dog, Commissioner James Gordon

Dash Shaw on "The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century"

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