Comics writer John Ostrander is fighting a battle against glaucoma to keep his vision, a fight not made easier by the devastating cost of his medical bills. A few of his friends have formed a charity to help him called Comix 4 Sight, and they're organizing an art auction to benefit him at Chicago Comic-Con this Saturday night.

Gail Simone, who has also taken up the cause, she she talked a little about the charitty, Ostrander's upcoming guest writing spot at "Secret Six," and the insane art auction they're holding to benefit him over at Newsarama. The list of people donating their work sounds like a Comic-Con Featured Guest list:

Mack, Aragones, Chadwick, Lee, Quesada, Wagner, Adams, Sakai, Manapul, Roux, Scott, Dodson, Lopresti, Tucci, Moore, Kubert, Udon Studios, Lieber, Noto, Campbell, on and on and on), we're still adding pieces every day from artists like Rags Morales and Drew Geraci, a Batman painting by Scott Morse, Colleen Coover, Alvin Lee, Groening, Morrison, Gene Ha, Joe Linsner, Eva Hopkins, Freddie E Williams II...again, I can't even list them all right now).

I think it's just an astounding reflection on the industry's generosity. Collectors donated cherished pieces, readers sent cash and rare collectibles. Neil Gaiman signed an artist's proof of the Miracle Man statue. Geoff Johns donated both a George Perez GL sketch and a considerable sum of cash, joining other greats like Kevin Smith and David Lloyd (David Lloyd who ALSO donated two pages of amazing art). It sounds almost like a laundry list, but each of these people donated to what is shaping up to be one of the all-time greatest comic art auctions.

The cause is noble. The art is totally sweet. So if you want to take part, check out the galleries at Comix 4 Sight and then stop by the auction in Chicago tomorrow night -- or ask a friend that's attending do it for you.