If there's one problem that we as comics readers all share, it's that we just have too much money. Sure, we keep trying to give it to publishers and creators, but sometimes there just aren't enough comics to buy, and that's why we always need more great books out there to pick up. Fortunately, the good folks over at Comixology are doing their best to make that as easy as possible, and this week, those efforts are taking the form of the Image Comics "New Hits" Sale.

A ton of great new Image books like Southern Bastards, The Wicked + The Divine, Velvet, Burn the Orphanage and more have seen their first few issues dropped down to 99 cents each, and on top of that, there's a bundle of 20 first issues for just fifteen bucks.

If you haven't read any of Image's recent offerings, the big bundle represents a pretty solid way to jump on, if only for the sheer amount of comics you can get for $14.99. There's amazing stuff in there like the first issue of Jasons Aaron and Latour's Southern Bastards, one of my favorite comics of the year, and two comics written by the always-amazing Ed Brubaker, The Fade Out with Sean Phillips and Velvet, the incredible action spy adventure with Brubaker's Captain America collaborator, Steve Epting. Of course, you'll also end up with a couple of Mark Millar books, but that's the risk you take when you go for those deep discounts.

A few other books to check out during the sale:

  • Burn the Orphanage: Reign of Terror by Sina Grace and Daniel Freedman - The first BtO miniseries was a high-energy tribute to the side-scrolling beat-em-ups of the SNES era, so if you've ever wanted to read Streets of Rage as a comic, here it is. The sale includes the first three issues for less than three bucks -- even less if you grab the first one in the bundle and average the cost of all 20 comics -- and it's definitely worth it.
  • Fuse by Antony Johnston and Justin Greenwood - I've been a fan of Johnston for years, and Wasteland has shown how great he is at crafting character-driven world-building. Getting to see him tackle a murder mystery in space is pretty exciting stuff. Johnston's other current Image title, Umbral with Wastleand collaborator Christopher Mitten, is in the sale too, and while I haven't read it yet, I'm definitely going to be picking it up to check it out.
  • Shutter by Joe Keatinge and Leila del Duca - Keatinge is one of my favorite writers in comics (for reasons beyond that scene that he wrote where Batman and Superman and Dracula team up to fight a Frankenstein army, although that's part of it), so when he says he's doing "Indiana Jones for the 21st Century," I'm inclined to think that's pretty cool.
  • C.O.W.L. by Kyle Higgins and Rod Reis - I spoke to the creators of C.O.W.L. back at San Diego, and I love the idea of a book focusing on a labor union for superheroes -- twists like that are what make comics like Top Ten some of my favorite books of all time.

There's plenty more in there besides, so head over and check it out. Don't dawdle, though: The sale only lasts until Friday, October 10.

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