Via The Comics Reporter, Fantagraphics has announced three notable collections coming in 2014The Complete Eightball, collecting Daniel Clowes' celebrated series, a new baseball themed Peanuts book, and the latest volume of Peter Bagge's Buddy Bradley comics.



The Complete Eightball is a deluxe hardcover two volume slipcase collecting the first 18 issues of Clowes' groundbreaking series. Issues 19-21 (David Boring), 22 (Ice Haven) and 23 (Death Ray) are all available in other formats, but, as Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds told the Comics Reporter, this book will feature "a not-insignificant amount of strips that for whatever reason, Dan never wanted to collect." Containing 454 full-color pages, including all 18 covers and extras from Clowes, and listed at $95, The Complete Eightball is set to be released next fall, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the first issue.

Batter up, Charlie Brown! is a collection of baseball themed Peanuts strips. Similar in theme and format to the publisher's Charlie Brown Christmas Stocking book from last December, this collection will be released in April to coincide with major league baseball's Opening Day, which, for many, is nearly as holy as Christmas.

Finally, there's Buddy Buys A Dump, the first new collection of Peter Bagge's Buddy Bradley comics in seven years. Containing 144 full-color pages and selling for $22.95, the book will feature several new pages of comics from Bagge, with an expected publication date of April.

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