Last week, talk show host Conan O'Brien took advantage of his new relationship with Warner Brothers (the parent company of DC Comics) and paid a visit to WB's animation studio where the legendary Bruce Timm designed a super-hero based on Conan himself. Last night, we got the second part of his visit -- and this time, he brought Pierre Bernard with him.

If you've been a fan of Conan's shows for a while, you probably already familiar with Bernard, a graphic designer for Conan as well as his old gigs at Late Night and The Tonight Show. He's also a pretty big comics fan, as evidenced by the "Recliner of Rage" segments he starred in on Late Night that saw him, and I quote, "furious" over Marvel's decision to cancel their line of paperback novels about the X-Men and the problems with the Justice League Unlimited action figures. This time, Bernard's rage was channeled into more constructive uses (sort of) during a visit with WB Animation Director Peter Girardi, in which he suggested a few redesigns for their versions of Wonder Woman and other DCU super-heroines. Catch the full clip after the jump!

While Bernard's designs may not have made it through to the next round of DCU animated projects, there's still a lot of potential here -- specifically in Bernard himself. Seriously, if we don't get at least a "Recliner of Rage" short film on their next DVD release, this'll be the biggest wasted opportunity in years.

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