There are very few things in this world I like more than a good old-fashioned PSA comic. The mash-ups between superheroic action and education on social issues tend to get enjoyably bizarre pretty quickly, and it make for a good time. Now, though, that story about the Avengers teaching Spider-Man how banks work may lay down its burden: We have found the new most awesome PSA comic, and it is Condoman and Lubelicious.

Originally created in the late '80s, Condoman has returned to teach Australian teens about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, and he has brought a slippery new friend with him to do so. And it is actually even better/weirder than it sounds.As you might expect, Condoman and Lubelicious focuses on the dangers presented by sexually transmitted diseases, which in this case are personified as immortal supervillains who betrayed Gaea at the dawn of time:

I have to say, if it wasn't for the fact that she has the word "CHLAMYDIA" written across her torso, Chlamydia could definitely pass for a Justice League villain from the New 52. And even with it, there's still a 50-50 chance that you'd mistake her for someone fighting Superman in his high collar.

What's interesting about this, for me anyway, is that we get a pretty detailed origin of the villains, but not the heroes. The only explanation we get for Lubelicious is that she is a) from space, and b) really into using water-based lube to make sex with condoms more comfortable, although to be fair, that's a pretty strong character motivation. Condoman gets even less, but we do get to witness the full extent of his powers when he encases a Russian cargo ship in a gigantic condom to protect it from a sexually transmitted tidal wave caused by surfing herpes.

Also he can talk to fish. Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

Anyway, if that's not enough to get you to give this thing a read, consider that the major threat in the story is a reggae concert that is going to make teens go crazy with lust all over the world. Reggae.

You can read the first two issues below, or head
over to io9 to find out more about the comic and its purpose, including a look at the original late '80s Condoman: