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Jimmy Palmiotti (Painkiller Jane, Countdown, Jonah Hex) and Amanda Conner (Green Arrow Black Canary Wedding Special, Power Girl), along with an impressive slate of additional writers and artists have joined the roster for the September 8-9, 2007 Baltimore Comic-Con.

Scott Kurtz (PvP), Tim Truman (Conan), Pop Mhan (Spy Boy), Norman Lee (Mary Jane), Bob McLeod (New Mutants), Stephane Roux (Birds of Prey), Dexter Vines (Superman-Batman), Keith Pollard (Silver Surfer), and creators Tariq Hassan, Chris Ivy, and Tim Vigil are also set to attend.

"We're thrilled to have Jimmy and Amanda back at the Baltimore Comic-Con. They are wonderful people and great guests." said Marc Nathan, the show's promoter. "With 3+ weeks go before the show, we're not done yet! Look for more announcements in coming days."

This is in addition to the line-up which is headed by Guest of Honor Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and includes Jim Lee (Batman, Wildcats), David Finch (Moon Knight, New Avengers), Frank Cho (Mighty Avengers), Adam Kubert (Action Comics), Mark Waid (Boom! Studios new Editor-in-Chief), Paul Pope (THB), James Jean (Fables), and Don Rosa (Uncle Scrooge).

The guest list also includes such legendary creators as Joe Kubert (Sgt. Rock), Al Feldstein (former editor of MAD), and John Romita, Sr. (Amazing Spider-Man, also sponsored by the Hero Initiative).

The convention is held at the Baltimore Convention Center and will feature publishers, studios and service organizations including The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, DC Comics, Gemstone Publishing, The Hero Initiative, Image Comics, Insight Studios Group, The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Top Cow Productions, and Top Shelf Productions. A significant number of the top retailers in the comic industry will set up with a selection ranging from the oldest known American comics to the most recent.

The Baltimore Comic-Con will also play host to the Harvey Awards for the second time. The awards ceremony and dinner will be on Saturday night, September 8.

The show's regular site,, will also carry guest lists and other pertinent details, as well as their MySpace page, www.myspace/baltimorecomics.

For additional information about the Baltimore Comic-Con, call (410) 526-7410 or email

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