DC Comics may have finally given J. Michael Straczynski and Don Kramer the go-ahead to change Wonder Woman's costume and give her a jacket, but way back in simpler times during 2007, another group of creators came together to retool the Amazon heroine's sense of fashion. Joe Quinones, Daniel Krall, Jemma Salume and a posse of other progressively minded illustrators presented their own visions of attire for DC's leading lady, and the top of the heap looked pretty darn good.

The contest, hosted by Project: Rooftop and sponsored by Zeus Comics in Dallas, TX, attracted some fine submissions, ranging in inspiration from sci-fi to ancient Greece. My hat's off to the to the judging, too, because Quinones really nailed his winning entry. It bears a slight resemblance to Karl Kerschl's look for Wonder Girl in "Teen Titan: Year One," only with a slightly more grown-up sophistication.

You will see a couple jackets, too, such as those that appear on Sonny Strait and Leanne Buckley's submissions. Pick out your own favorites after the jump.

Daniel Krall

Meghan Murphy

Sonny Strait

Joel Carroll

Leanne Buckley

Joel Priddy

Maris Wicks

Ming Doyle

Jemma Salume

Joe Quinones

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