Even though Marvel's officially been a part of Disney for just over a month now, the merger's true potential hasn't quite started to manifest in obvious ways. So while the idea of Mickey Mouse in a Deadpool uniform may make fans balk, there is at least one decent idea floating around that could please fans from both ends of the Disney/Marvel spectrum: The return of Condorman at the hands of Spider-Man editor Stephen Wacker.

A 1981 action comedy starring Michael Crawford, "Condorman" followed the exploits of a non-powered comic book creator who, through a series of coincidences/misunderstandings/accidents teams up with the CIA to bring his unique bird-themed hero to life in a battle against a Soviet maniac. There's a long boat chase featuring laser guns and explosions too, if that helps explain anything.

In last week's "The Amazing Spider-Man" #619 Wacker made a passionate plea to Disney asking for permission to bring Condorman into the mainstream Marvel universe and I am totally on board.
I was introduced to the movie by fellow CA writer Josh Wigler a few months back in a column that he wrote for MTV. His description lead me to YouTube, where I absorbed every second of the cinematic miracle. As a relatively recent convert, I support Wacker's mail-in campaign with all of my heart.

Here's the address:


c/o Spider-Man Office

Marvel Comics

417 5th Avenue

NYC, NY 10016

And tell 'em ComicsAlliance sent Ya!

The character's last appearance was in a 1981 3-issue movie adaptation by Whitman, meaning his return is long overdue. And just think: A return to comics as a Marvel character could mean a return to movies as a Marvel character. Mind blown yet?

Let's make this happen Condorfans!

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