As we saw in a recent episode of NBC's The Office, there's nothing a geek could like more for Xmas than an original comic book starring themselves. If you can't draw or your artist friends are too cheap and selfish to help you out, you can still get that custom comic for your sweetie with the help of Copious Productions. Using a clever multiple-choice system of iconic genres and appropriate scenarios, the company will produce a one-page comic starring a character based on a photograph and story details provided by you. The cost is usually a hefty $200, but Rewards Thrillist is offering a bargain at $99.

Check after the jump for more details on Copious Productions' custom comics.Customers are offered one of three genres for their custom comics: the film noir detective, the classic superhero, or "slice-of-life" (think Harvey Pekar). Once you pick your desired idiom, you get to choose from a few pre-determined scenarios. From there, Copious takes your photograph and biographical details and modifies their templates to fit your needs.

Then, voila! You've got your geeky friend a unique gift that they can display as an 11x17 print, a PDF or a low resolution image file for Twitter or Facebook or whatever, all of which Copious provides.