Considering all the deserved raves writer Gail Simone has earned for her work on an array of mainstream superhero titles -- notably DC's Birds of Prey -- it's hard to believe until a couple of years ago, she hadn't admitted she was a professional writer of comics, one of the interesting fun facts she shared in a recent New York Times interview. Much of the story deals with Simone's newest writing gig on Wonder Woman, joined by artists Rachael and Terry Dodson, and, hopefully, it will be a successful one.

Unfortunately, the NYT story gets it big time wrong when crowing that Simone is "the first woman to serve as "ongoing writer" (to use the industry's term) in the character's 66-year history." Trina Robbins and Mindy Newell come to mind immediately. And, what about the recent run by bestselling author Jodi Picoult?

Here's hoping Simone's take on WW is as interesting and successful as that of the most successful relaunch of the character to date by Newell, Len Wein, Greg Potter, George Perez and Jill Thompson 20 years ago...

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