Depending upon on your age or the degree to which your taste in television is arrested, you probably decided at some point in the past that you could go the rest of your life without seeing another episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, or Power Rangers Zeo, or Power Rangers Turbo, or Power Rangers in Space, or Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, or Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, or Power Rangers Time Force, or Power Rangers Wild Force, or Power Rangers Ninja Storm, or Power Rangers Dino Thunder, or Power Rangers S.P.D., or or Power Rangers Mystic Force, or Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, or Power Rangers Jungle Fury, or Power Rangers RPM, or even Power Rangers Samurai.

Well, you were wrong! In the best tradition of superhero nostalgia armageddon adventures (excepting Armageddon 2001, obviously), the producers of Power Rangers -- called Kaizoku Sentai in Japan -- have initiated a new series in which every Power Ranger that ever existed join forces to defeat an alien invasion of Earth.According to the nerd hive-mind that is Reddit, the heroes of the current show are space pirates with the ability to become any previously seen Ranger/Sentai. It is undeniably awesome and unquestionably the single greatest thing ever achieved by this infernal yet beloved franchise.

Imagine if this Justice League Unlimited treatment was given to other long-running series, like Star Trek or Doctor Who? Is television ready to open the pandora's box of the superhero crossover event?

[Via iO9]