Of all of Stan Lee's Pow! Entertainment ventures of late, BONES Studio's "Heroman" has probably caught my eye the most for its fusion of Lee-tastic archetypes and shonen anime elements, which is really just a more reverent way of saying "It's teenage Peter Parker with a giant Captain America transformer killing aliens!" Now, thanks to Crunchyroll, premium site members can double check my hyperbole one hour after the first episode of "Heroman" debuts in Japan today.

If you're not willing to shell out some premium dough for the quasi-simulcast you can hit up Crunchyroll in a week for some standard def streamage. Sure, you won't get to immediately evaluate my assessment of the series thus far, but since I plan to see every episode (or at least read the manga adaptations), there should be plenty of good "Heroman" vibes to, like, pick up in the style of The Beach Boys in the meantime.

Sidenote: I take no responsibility for my posi vibes disrupting wifi connections.[Via Crunchyroll]

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