I am very fond of custom toymaking. It's a practice that can yield some wildly imaginative results when expertly executed, or at least some laughable ones when handled by a less capable artist. Today's entry falls firmly in the former category.

Michael Leavitt is a Seattle-based artist that has spent the past eight years working on building his "Art Army," an ongoing project where Leavitt sculpts fully articulated figures out of wood. His latest subject is none other than acclaimed writer and illustrator R. Crumb, represented by Leavitt in a figure that stands at 40 inches tall with 28 points of articulation.

Don't believe that this thing can boogie woogie like the best of your Marvel Legends action figures? You don't have to take my word for it, as Leavitt posted a stop-motion animation video starring his newly crafted R. Crumb, complete with a hollow head concealed under his hat.

Calling this a custom toymaking project doesn't feel right. This is something truly remarkable in a category of its own. Major kudos to you, Mr. Leavitt. Give the video a look after the jump.

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