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The Conundrum Of R. Crumb
Born on August 30th, 1943, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Robert Crumb is one of the most influential and divisive comics artists of all time, with as many followers as detractors. So which Crumb is the real one? The artistic genius or the pervert?
‘Comics Stripped’ at the Museum of Sex
While we at ComicsAlliance tend to focus our world-weary minds on the more imaginative, awe-inspiring and perhaps childish material produced in the comics medium, the art form has of course been the conduit through which far more subversive, humorous and tantalizing statements have been made...
Flower Power: The Greatest Hippies in Comics
Hippies. God bless em, they really think a lot of themselves, don't they? Isn't it great when fuzzy ole Uncle Hippie gathers the brood down to the biodegradable teepee for tall tales of the Sixties? "Pot and acid grew on lampposts!" he preaches. "Flowers stopped bullets! I pleasured Joni Mitchell with an Abba Zabba!" Wow, awesome, Uncle Hippie! You ruined drug enforcement, sex
Harvey Pekar Hits the Web with ‘The Pekar Project’
Harvey Pekar of "American Splendor" fame is not known for his technological savvy, but he's finally making his way to the internet courtesy of SMITH magazine, where a series of webcomics called "The Pekar Project" just launched. The first installment adapts a conversation between Pekar and another indie legend, Robert Crumb, about avant-garde art and the recent libretto that Pe
Link Ink — Philip K. Dick, Fan Movie Posters
-- An oldie but goodie: Philip K Dick fans will love this graphic interpretation of a series of events from Dick's life, created by R. Crumb. -- As we've seen with the Green Lantern fan-trailer that blew our minds just a few weeks ago, sometimes the fans have really got it going on ­ this can be further seen on ComicBookMovie.com...