Toys: Upcoming Hasbro box art teases "the big three" kicking it Avengers action figure form, at least. [ComicBookMovie]

Movies: Lost composer Michael Giacchino may be lending his scoring skills to Captain America: The First Avenger. [Spinoff]

Retail: Better use your huge 33-50 percent off coupons while you can, Borders doesn't seem to be in awesome shape. [The Beat]

Movies: Tron: Legacy has been celebrated primarily for its special effects, but the 8-bit version is similarly endearing despite its comparatively low tech. [Underwire]

Toys: Another Green Lantern movie toy from Mattel rolls out. Turns out the silhouetted teaser from awhile back is G'Hu.[TheDailyBlam]

TV: The new Ultraman series appears to outdo its predecessors in sheer Ultramanness. This bodes well. [Gamma Squad]

Awesome: I'm about a decade late to the party on this, but holy schmoley -- R. Crumb drew Porygon, y'all! [Twitter]

Glassware: Mike Young's frosted Justice League pint glass set looks much safer than the lead-based paint options on the market. [BleedingCool]

Plush: You can take the Totoro out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of Totoro... unless you put him in your bathroom to serve as a toilet paper cozy, or something. [Neatorama]

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