Roadblock has always been a favorite of mine amongst the ranks of G.I. Joe. With winning rhymes such as "Cobra's through, what do we do," it's hard not to love the guy. I'm also persuaded to write good things about him in light of his massively threatening machine gun, but that's a different matter.

Given my already secure fondness for the character, the very idea of a Marvel Legends style Roadblock action figure is enough to give me some pause. The actual sight of such a figure shakes me from pause and into the realm of holy-wow-that's-great. Thanks to Sillof, the creator of the Victorian Avengers customs we highlighted last month, custom toy fanatics can purchase this version of Roadblock on eBay.

Looking at this action figure makes me wonder why Hasbro hasn't launched a line of classic Joes sculpted to Marvel Legends specifications. The Marvel Universe line has already brought some of our favorite heroes and villains down to 3 3/4 inch size, so why not go the reverse with the soldiers of Joe and Cobra? Seems like a no-brainer to me.