Earlier this month, custom toymakers around the world gathered together for CustomCon 24, an online convention of sorts where customizers show off their handiwork under the fictional pretense that their figures will be released to stores in the coming weeks and months.

We've already highlighted the convention here on Comics Alliance, but there was one particular faux wave of toys - a wave that I initially missed - that is so completely awesome, it deserves to be mentioned one more time.

For CC24, customizer Iron Molars invented a Marvel Legends Icons inspired line of toys based on Agency X, the Marvel Comics mercenary group featuring the likes of Agent X and Wade Wilson. Both characters - plus Taskmaster and Bob, Agent of H.Y.D.R.A. - are featured in the fictional line, standing at a loud and proud twelve inches.

Here are just a few reasons why I love these figures so much: for one, they're wonderfully sculpted. Secondly, I want a twelve inch Deadpool action figure, and this toy is leaps and bounds cooler than Wade's upcoming Marvel Select figure. Thirdly, that Taskmaster is way too badass and really should just live with me for the rest of time because I'd treat him so nicely.

If we can't get real versions of these figures, then perhaps at least Iron Molars can get some recognition from Hasbro and other toy manufacturing companies for his tremendous skills. These toys are very, very cool.

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