Because "Green Arrow" is apparently too colorful a title for the CW's demographic, Arrow -- apparently the successor to Smallville on CW's DC Comics-inspired teen melodrama schedule slot -- has had its first image released today, and it certainly looks darker than the borderline neon Oliver Queen of Smallville.Apparently set in a completely different continuity from the other television show -- even though Oliver Queen was a starring cast member for years -- Arrow will focus on Oliver Queen, a former "trustafarian" (no, really, that's what the casting sheet says) who spent five years on a desert island practicing his archery and deciding to become a superhero after a tragic shipwreck. His former best friend is 28-year-old "Tommy Merlyn," who, from the last name, is likely to become Queen's antagonist. Stephen Amell (Private Practice, Hung) will be playing Queen, with Colin Donnell (Pan Am) playing Merlyn. Love interest Dinah "Laurel" Lance, known to DC Comics fans as Black Canary, will be played by Katie Cassidy (Taken, Supernatural) and Oliver's mother Moira will be portrayed by Susanna Thompson (the Borg Queen on Star Trek: Voyager).

With the pilot greenlit and the first costumed image coming out today, it seems safe to assume that, if picked up, the show will debut in the fall.

ComicsAlliance recently explored six thoughts on the new series; what are your impressions of the upcoming show so far?

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