When you look at the DC Universe, you see a whole lot of people running around with ultra-powerful space rings, magic lassos, and cybernetic sound cannons. Like, a lot of people. It's actually at the point where you start to wonder why the government doesn't get involved and at least make someone get a license before they run around starting to shoot criminals with blasts of white noise. Well, now, in the pages of David Walker, Felipe Watanabe and Oclair Albert's Cyborg #9 it seems like they're actually getting around to it - at least where cybernetics are concerned.

It's called the Cybernetic Regulation Act, and while it's meant to control the aftermath of the technosapien invasion, Victor Stone is at the top of the government's list for people to bring in and "control." Needless to say, Vic's not happy about that, to the point where he ends up falling out with Shazam and, in what might be the most satisfying moment of the entire series thus far, throwing down with a very Walter Peck-esque government man. check out a preview below!



And here's the official solicitation:

Written by DAVID F. WALKER
On sale MARCH 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Federal forces are sent to capture Cyborg and his technology—but things take a bizarre twist when tensions rise among members of the Justice League, who are split over what Cyborg should do. Shazam doesn’t understand why Cyborg won’t go along with the federal agents. Could this be the moment that ends their friendship?