Some artists know how to draw a good time, and others, such as Dalton James Rose, can send chills straight down our spines.

Seriously, this guy will make your skin bubble.

Rose combines the illustrative chutzpah of a creator like Geof Darrow with the dainty, horrific line-work of Guy Davis and just a smidgen of Charles Burns' surreal terror. Yes, those are towering figures to hold him up against, but take a look at what Rose is capable of and try to say otherwise.Rose's samples from his deviantART portfolio include tons of original concepts, as well as a spectacular, smokey take on Davis' The Marquis. It's not surprising that there's a note below it crediting Davis for "endless amounts of inspiration."

His site also hosts some comics pages for some absolutely killer-looking comics. Whatever stories these belong to, sign up for some big helpings. Art like this is hard to come by.

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