Sometimes, there is nothing better than a good crumbling house, a once elegant estate now rotting at the roof and floorboards, given over to the ghosts and wolves. There's a quietly apocalyptic feel to Daniel Danger's paintings, in which tiny cartoon figures inspect the remains of great, gothic homes, highway graveyards and carnivals fallen into disrepair. The only other witnesses to these scenes of destruction are the faceless giants who loom over the landscapes.
Danger runs Tiny Media Empire, a Boston-based production and design company that focuses on fine art screen prints, limited edition posters and video production design. On his own time, he creates these moody works. There's definitely a New England feel these paintings, especially the house pieces, which evoke a mystique of old and forgotten places. These are houses that are at once foreboding and inviting, with lots of hidden corners to explore. If we can't visit them ourselves, at least Danger lets us investigate them by proxy, through girls who are themselves signs of fading respectability, and who may or may not be ghosts.

You can see more of Daniel Danger's work at Tiny Media Empire.