Swipe File: Hey, remember the time Glenn Danzig ripped of artist Michael Golden? Comics Comics does.

Art: Cliff Chiang is illustrating an upcoming issue of "Detective Comics," and shares a set of process images on his blog (Via Kevin Church):

Controversies: Ed Brubaker reflects on the conservative backlash again his Captain America comic from Tea Party supporters:

"I guess they're all for freedom of speech except for mine! What was really infuriating is that they're weren't reading the story, they were just reading some blogger. Has our media really come to the point where anyone can just blog about something and it becomes a news article that warrants death threats? We're seeing this with Trey Parker and Matt Stone of [South Park] receiving death threats from Muslims. How is this any different from Tea Partiers telling me I should die in a fire because I wrote an issue of Captain America? It's a little disconcerting to me."

Remix: Paul Shinn covers "X-Men" #141:

What If: Super Mario Bros were a grim, dramatic anime series? Deviantartist lastscionz imagines:

Indie: A comic short by Luke Pearson wonders, "What is wrong with some people?" (via Scott McCloud)

Grooves: Why should the Ironettes be the only ones who get to bust out choreographed dance moves?

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