Daredevil #1

Last month, it was revealed that the current run of Daredevil, featuring the near-universally acclaimed work of collaborators Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, was coming to an end, and the title would conclude with issue #36. While It came as abrupt and unwelcome news to many readers, it seemed obvious that the book would shortly return in some capacity. What was less obvious was whether or not Waid and Samnee -- who have each won Eisner Awards for their work on the series -- would still be on board.

All fears were put to rest this afternoon, as Marvel announced Daredevil #1 will arrive in stores next year, and Waid and Samnee, along with colorist Javier Rodriguez and letterer Joe Caramagna, will be returning to the title, and Waid promises that the team is about to "change literally every aspect of Matt Murdock’s life."

The news was announced via an interview with the writer and artist on Nerdist. The series will follow immediately after the events of Daredevil: Road Warrior, the digital series from Waid and artist Peter Krause, and will feature Matt Murdock and at least one member of his current supporting cast relocating to San Francisco after as yet unrevealed events in issue #36 dictate that Daredevil must leave New York. This won't be a first for Daredevil, however: writer Gerry Conway temporarily relocated the character to The City By The Bay in the 1970s.

Waid shared that this relaunch, part of Marvel's All-New Marvel Now slate, was initially brought up as a possibility last year, to coincide with the initial Marvel Now initiative, but it was decided the timing wasn't quite right yet. "We were actually given the opportunity by Marvel to relaunch with a #1 last year as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative," said Waid, "which absolutely would have boosted sales – but together, the team agreed that since we were in the middle of a storyline, it would be a gimmick, not an organic shift. When the opportunity arose to relaunch again this year, it made a lot more sense given the way we’re about to change literally every aspect of Matt Murdock’s life. Every aspect."

The relaunch "will be a perfect spot for new readers to jump on," according to Samnee. "In the same way that Mark made the current run such an easy in-point for folks that hadn’t been following along for years, while still building on everything that had come before."

Notably, pushing the the relaunch further down the line lead to it coinciding with Daredevil's 50th anniversary next year.

Daredevil #1 goes on sale in March. Marvel's solicit information for the issue is as follows:

“Join Marvel’s fearless hero as he begins his most awe-inspiring adventure yet in the sunny city of San Francisco! Gifted with an imperceptible radar sense and a passion for justice, blind lawyer Matt Murdock—a.k.a. DAREDEVIL—protects the Golden City’s streets from all manner of evil. But big changes are in store for Matt Murdock as old haunts and familiar faces rise to give the devil his due. Hold on tight, because here comes Daredevil…the Man Without Fear!”



Daredevil #1 cover

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