If reports are to be believed, Marvel has declined 20th Century Fox's request for an extension of its Daredevil movie license, meaning that that the mooted 1970s reboot of the franchise directed by The A-Team's Joe Carnahan will likely never happen. To make that loss just a little bit worse, the director has released two "sizzle reels" to hint at what might have been.For those who don't know, a "sizzle reel" is essentially a demo reel or proof of concept intended to demonstrate a potential movie/show/project ahead of its creation; Carnahan's two Daredevil reels edit together pieces of other movies, motion comics takes on classic Daredevil artwork and some wonderful music from the '70s, and I'll be honest: They kind of make me want to see a finished movie, just to find out if it could live up to the (admittedly, almost entirely borrowed) cool stuff on show here.

Carnahan shared two versions of the reel on Twitter. First, the "PG-13" cut:

And then, the NC-17 (i.e., more violent) take:

Previously, there had been talk of Marvel extending the October deadline for Fox to get a new Daredevil movie into production if the latter studio would release rights it held via the Fantastic Four license for certain Marvel characters back to Marvel for appearances in the Guardians of The Galaxy movie. Sources within Fox said that any such deal would never happen, due to the perceived importance of the FF franchise to the studio. Important enough, it seems, to allow an entire other movie to fall apart...

The question now becomes, if the rights to Daredevil do revert to Marvel in the next two months, would they hire Carnahan to make his movie over there? It may depend on the response to this sizzle reel leak online, for all we know. So make your voice heard, collective online fan base.