Mark Millar’s stylish and violent graphic novels have proven to be ripe source material for film adaptations, from Kick-Ass to Kingsman: The Secret Service, but there’s one project that’s had a tougher time getting off the ground. Nemesis was initially set up at 20th Century Fox with Tony Scott attached to direct, but following the director’s untimely death, the property entered development limbo — until now.

The Tracking Board reports that Warner Bros. now has the rights to Nemesis, with a screenplay from Joe Carnahan and his brother, Matthew Michael Carnahan. Joe Carnahan, best known as the director of The A-Team and The Grey, will also helm the Nemesis adaptation based on Millar’s book with artist Steve McNiven, originally published in 2010.

Nemesis is told from the perspective of a super-villain, setting out to avenge the deaths of his parents, who were also well-known villains. The story centers on billionaire genius Matt Anderson, who travels the world on his revenge-mission, killing law enforcement officers and attacking the government. Anderson’s mission takes him to the police chief to captured his parents and escalates to an incredibly violent conclusion.

Obviously that sounds very much like a Millar story, and it’s a little odd that it’s struggled to make it to the big screen for this long while so many of the author’s projects have been optioned and adapted. But it looks as though we’ll see Nemesis fairly soon, with an interesting writing / directing team at the wheel.

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