I'm a huge Daria fan. And while I hope there never actually is a live action adaptation of the series (that wouldn't work for a variety of reasons), if it were to happen, Aubrey Plaza would likely be the popular choice to play the prototypical intelligent, sarcastic '90s teen. This wasn't lost on the folks at College Humor, who got Plaza to portray the titular character in a fake trailer for a Daria film that would take place 10 years after the "Is It College Yet?" finale. Daria heads back to Lawndale for her high school reunion, teaming up with best friend Jane and seeing her sister Quinn, her parents Jake and Helen, ex-boyfriend Tom and the rest. Check out the video below to see if it's anything like the future you pictured for the crew.



It's an okay video, but the distinct lack of Jodie and Mack is disappointing. Also, Jodie was valedictorian, not Daria, which makes the video a tad insulting if you're a black fan of the show. Besides, my happy ending for the crew looks a little more like this piece of art from S.C.:



But if nothing else, at least the video guarantees that, if "Sick, Sad, World" was real, it would be available on your iPad.




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