If you're like me, you've spent countless hours watching television with a frown on your face, frustrated at the limitations of the medium. You've been sitting there watching some of your favorite adult-oriented animated adventure shows, and something just didn't set right. "Listen,' you've undoubtedly said, "This stuff with the moving pictures is all well and good, but why can't it just be a book?"

Well, friends and neighbors, the good people at Dark Horse Comics have heard your complaints, and they have stepped up: In October, Dark Horse will be releasing The Art of the Venture Bros. as a hardcover coffee table book, featuring designs and backgrounds from every episode of the show, with commentary by creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer.

Dark Horse has a long history of putting out some pretty high quality art books for various properties -- my favorite is the oversized Art of Usagi Yojimbo, but the hardcover Art of Hellboy ain't no joke either -- and The Art of Venture Bros. seems to fall in pretty well with their last big art book release, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia.

Art of Venture Bros., though, promises to go pretty in-depth with what it's giving readers. As revealed at last weekend's WonderCon, it's set to include "original artwork, character designs, storyboards, painted backgrounds, and props from every episode of The Venture Bros. to date, with accompanying commentary on the development of the series," plus an introduction by Patton Oswalt. Whether or not that's going to include additional art created for stuff like the DVDs, like Bill Sienkiewicz's triptych of the characters included with the first DVD set, remains to be seen.


Venture Bros. art by Bill Sienkiewicz


According to the information at Amazon, where the book is available for preorder, Art of Venture Bros clocks in at a pretty hefty 184 pages and is set for release on October 7.


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