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MySpace, the nation's most trafficked website, and Dark Horse Comics, pioneers of creator owned and licensed comics material, today announced a partnership to revive one of the most celebrated comic anthologies with the launch of a new online comic book, "MySpace Dark Horse Presents..." ( The online series will include original content by top creators and premiere artists, all available exclusively on MySpace and free of charge to users. The announcement was made on-site at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

"MySpace Dark Horse Presents..." takes its cues from the original Dark Horse Presents, a hard copy comic book published from 1986 to 2000, where high celebrated comics including Frank Miller's Sin City and Paul Chadwick's Concrete, made their mark in issues of the anthology and were later spun off into their own standalone comic franchises.

The inaugural August issue of "MySpace Dark Horse Presents..." goes live on MySpace today and will include the following comics:

Sugar Shock, the debut new comic from artist Fábio Moon and Joss Whedon, creator of the popular television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly, and author of the highly successful Dark Horse Comics miniseries, Fray, among others

The Umbrella Academy by artist Gabriel Bá and Gerard Way, lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance

Samurai by Ron Marz and Luke Ross

Comic-Con Murder Mystery by Rick Geary

"Dark Horse Comics, with a dedicated fan base and history of innovative comic properties, is the ideal partner for MySpace," said Shawn Gold, SVP of Marketing for MySpace. "We are thrilled to help resurrect Dark Horse Presents in its new digital format and continue the long and storied legacy of this comic institution classic."

The comics contained in future issues of "MySpace Dark Horse Presents..." will include a mix from both established, successful, comic creators as well as talented amateurs. Site editors from both MySpace and Dark Horse Comics will search MySpace profiles for new talent to feature in every upcoming issue. New issues will be available exclusively on MySpace the first week of every month, with the second issue premiering the first week of September.

"Just over 20 years ago, we published our first comic, Dark Horse Presents #1. Our goal was to bring new and talented creators to the forefront of comics culture, and also to give industry luminaries a chance to retain the rights to their work" said Mike Richardson, president and founder of Dark Horse Comics. "Years later, with that same goal in mind, we are reviving this title online, with the help of, whom we feel may be the most culturally relevant website on the net. With their broad cultural significance, and incredibly wide reach, we felt they would be the perfect partner to lead our charge into original online content. Our hope is to both reach new readers, and to give longtime Dark Horse devotees a new and exciting comics experience."

For fans at Comic-Con this week, MySpace will be giving away 400 "MySpace Dark Horse Presents..." limited edition, screen-printed posters available at the Dark Horse Comics booth. The posters feature original art from Sugar Shock by Fábio Moon, and were designed by Micah Smith at Blacktop Creative.

In March 2007 MySpace launched MySpace Comic Books (, a community dedicated to the best in comics, manga, and graphic novels. In addition to the latest comic book news and interviews, MySpace Comic Books spotlights the most exciting projects, creators and events in the industry. With over 125,000 friends, and growing, MySpace has seen significant interest from its members in the comic book arena. "MySpace Dark Horse Presents..." will complement the burgeoning MySpace Comic Books profile.

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