During their panel at New York Comic-Con, Dark Horse Comics announced that they would be giving another Joss Whedon television show new life in a comic book with "Dollhouse," a "The Guild: Vork" one-shot co-written by Felicia Day, new manga series from the creators of "Hellsing" and "Trigun," and original Dark Horse Comics running on the USA Today website. Check out the full details after the jump.DOLLHOUSE: The new comic book series will continue the story begin in the Joss Whedon show about mind-wiped women who could be reprogrammed to become anyone. Like "Buffy: Season 9," the Dollhouse comic will take place after the conclusion of the show -- quite a while after the show, as it leaps forward into an apocalyptic future where the mind-wiping technology has left Los Angeles in ruins, a storyline teased in the season finales "Epitaph One" and "Epitaph Two." The series will be scripted by "Dollhouse" series writers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, with art by Cliff Richards, and the first issue is slated for sometime in 2011.

: After recently wrapping up Season 4 of her hit web series "The Guild," writer and actress Felicia Day is scripting more Guild for Dark Horse, this time centering on Vork. Co-written with Jeff Lewis, the actor who plays Vork, the one-shot comic will delve into the life of the leader of the Knights of Good.

: Dark Horse will be publishing "Drifters," the newest series from "Hellsing" creator Kohta Hirano, about a great warrior being waged in a fantastic world of dragons, orcs, and warriors. Also on the way is"Bloodline Battlefront" by "Trigun" creator Yasuhiro Nightow, a story about a breach between that opens up over New York city between Earth and another dimension, trapping everyone inside with creatures from another dimension. Finally, Yoshitaka Amano will be teaming up with mink for "Shinjuku Book 2: Azul."

DH:HD: Dark Horse will be teaming with USA Today and Toshiba to run exclusive comics stories on the USA Today website, including "Hellboy: The Whittier Legacy," "Serenity: Downtime," "The Goon: An Irish Wake," "Conan: Kiss of the Undead" and "Mass Effect: Inquisition." The DH:HD comics will will run for ten weeks, beginning on October 11th.

MORE BALTIMORE: Mike Mignola's World War I vampire and demon series "Baltimore" continues with an all-new miniseries called "Baltimore: The Curse Bells" by Mignola and Christopher Golden with art by Ben Stenbeck, as Lord Henry Baltimore seeks to end the horror.

YOUR HIGHNESS: Danny McBride of "Eastbound and Down" is writing the prequel comic for the upcoming film "Your Highness," a 48-page coming due out in March about Prince Fabious, who is fighting to save his kingdom from an evil wizard, and his troublemaking brother Prince Thadeous, whose shenanigans could doom their peace forever.

CRIMINAL MACABRE/GOON CROSSOVER: Cal MacDonald of "Criminal Macabre" by Steve Niles is crossing over with "The Goona" by Eric Powell in a zombie-punching crossover written by Niles and Powell with art by Chris Mitten.

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