What do you get when you cross Dark Horse Comics' green-headed maelstrom of cartoon chaos with one of Hollywood's most pop-culture literate icons Quentin Tarantino? You get Evan Dorkin's satire of cinema "Engloruorioues Mask-Tards!!!" And you thought "Inglourious Basterds" was hard to spell).

Dark Horse Comics has provided us with a first look at the complete story from April's "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" #33, which takes aim (both literally and figuratively) at Tarantino's role in Hollywood through the lens of The Mask. Like a lot of Tarantino (and Dorkin's) work, the results are hilarious but hardly pretty.

Dorkin's teamed with some returning MDHP creators including Dave Stewart, Hilary Barta and Nate Piekos, making it something of a MDHP team up. There may even be an Easter egg for longtime Dorkin fans in the form of a certain calcium-fortified character cameo - times two! Give it a read after the jump.

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