It's been a good year for fans of the original Star Wars trilogy and Dark Horse comics. There's the new Star Wars series by Brian Wood and Carlos D'Anda that takes place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, (the first issue of which CA's own Dylan Todd reviewed here), and now J.W. Rinzler (The Making of The Empire Strikes Back) and Mike Mayhew (perennial Best Art Ever This Week favorite) are teaming to adapt the original draft by George Lucas for what would become A New Hope, which features a six-foot lizard Han Solo and Annikin Starkiller, as Dark Horse Comics limited series.From Dark Horse's official press release:

Three years before his 1977 film, George Lucas put down on paper his first story set in a galaxy far, far away-a tale of fantastic adventures, daring escapes, "lazer swords," romance, and monsters. A story of Jedi Annikin Starkiller and General Luke Skywalker, an alien named Han Solo, and evil Sith Knights. The screenplay was titled The Star Wars!

Slated for a September release, the eight-issue mini-series may be among the final Dark Horse-published Star Wars comics, as the rights will revert back to Disney, and subsequently, Marvel after 2013.

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