At a glance, going green in the comic book publishing industry might seem like a paradox. After all, how can an industry built on paper turn over a new leaf? (*snicker*)

At Dark Horse Comics it seems to be all about baby steps and the right attitude.

As The Beat posted earlier, a new online comic strip from Dark Horse spells out the publisher's reusable paper bag initiative for Comic-Con and an overall philosophy of expanding to digital outlets while printing lasting comics on paper, which the strip is careful to point out is a renewable resource.

Additionally, Dark Horse sprinkles in a guest appearance by Concrete. DH is too modest to admit it, but concrete's stone body may actually absorb carbon emissions.

The strip is cute, fun and a reminder that this comic buying habit of ours may grow on trees, but all the impact of all that paper usage is something to should consider when calculating your personal carbon footprint.

You can read the full strip here.