There are scads of reasons I wish I were attending this weekend's MoCAA Fest 2010, but the chance to buy limited and exclusive items is near the top. Take Dark Igloo's two new supermashup Booom! tees, which pit amalgamations of good and evil against each other in print combat. We've got an exclusive look at the shirts, which combine nearly a dozen attributes from pop culture heroes or villains, respectively.

One of the things that makes this particular mashup stand out most, however, is the contrast between opposite source components. The "hero" print's He-Man chestplate versus the "villain" print's Skeletor crossbones makes it clear that these two designs likely spar when in proximity to one another. One thing I did notice was that the "hero" contained more ingredients than the villain, meaning he could fittingly win the day in an imaginary confrontation.

Check out the full "Heroes" and "Villains" mashup listing breakdown after the jump.

Mickey Mouse -- ears
Superman -- signature hair squiggle
Yoda -- ears
The Thing -- eyebrows
Leonardo -- eyes & swords
Batman -- jaw
Popeye -- pipe
Kermit -- collar
He-Man -- vest
Link (from Zelda) -- Triforce
Optimus Prime -- Chest

Galactus -- helmet
Malificent -- horns & Collar
T-800 -- eyes
Predator -- mouth
Darth Vader -- mask & chest plate
Bluto -- beard
Shredder -- shoulder pads
Comedian - smiley face pin
Joker -- flower
Skeletor Crossbones