TV: An hour-long animated adaptation of Joshua Williamson and Vicente Navarrete's all-ages Dear Dracula from Image will debut on October 16 on Cartoon Network as part the channel's "Spooky Specials" Halloween programming. [Josh Williamson]

Gaming: Registration has opened for the Marvel Heroes MMO, with select fans eligible for Closed Beta access. [MH]

Upcoming: It looks like Frank Cho will be the creative force behind the Marvel Now! relaunch of Wolverine in January. [Marvel]

Art: AstroZerk imagines the Avengers as Pokemon, much to Reddit's delight. [Kotaku]

Toys: Mattel has announced its plans for New York Comic con, including the exclusive sale of Temple of Darkness Sorceress and Zuul. [MattyCollector]

Video: For an animated short about Batman and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the NSFW "Batman Hates Bronies" is surprisingly not all that fun. [Cartoon Brew]

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